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How To Choose Jewellery For Your Wedding Day?

The Venue and Your Jewellery

It is important to consider jewellery that suits the environment of your ceremony. Selecting jewellery that not only suits your dress well but also suits the environment of the venue where your wedding is taking place is crucial.


At casual or rural weddings where the venue is taking place in your parents’ backyard, local park, rooftop, or gallery, the bride and groom usually wear an attire that is more low key and the same thing goes to the guests. Typically, jewellery that goes well with simple, elegant weddings are small, delicate diamond or gemstone jewellery.

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In the case of a more glamorous, french style or luxurious wedding venue, things may be a little more detailed and grand. In this style of wedding, the bride and groom may be wearing more glamorous attire, therefore bigger jewellery pieces (or a coloured gemstone such as royal blue earrings) may appeal. 

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Which Jewellery Fits Your Wedding Dress

Depending on which dress you choose to wear on your wedding day, it is crucial that you select jewellery that suits your dress and helps complete your overall look. Let’s take a look at a few different types of dresses and the jewellery that suits:

Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress

In the case of an off-the-shoulder wedding dress where your collarbones are exposed, we can enhance more focus to that area, elevating the beauty of the particular area with long drop diamond earrings or statement earrings. You can also choose to add colour to your jewellery such as by selecting pink diamonds or emerald gemstones. Pink diamond jewellery can artfully encompass a timeless and flawless style, whether it is a necklace or earrings, you can do no wrong with pink diamonds on your wedding day. 

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Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

A long sleeve wedding dress can give you a sweet and charming look. To enhance the elegance of this dress you can either wear pearl earrings for more of a modest look or add gorgeous accessories such as custom made diamond earrings to elevate more of a luxurious look.


V Neckline Wedding Dress

A long diamond pendant necklace is perfect for a V neckline wedding dress. However, it is important not to pick an oversized piece of jewellery that sits up around your collarbone area as with this type of dress, you would want to utilise the jewellery to enhance the beauty of your V line, collarbones and chest cleavage as much as possible. Adding an elegant diamond bracelet will also help finish the look.

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High Neckline Wedding Dress

With a high neckline dress, a long necklace may interfere with your dress and may make the look too busy.  Instead, wearing a pair of diamond earrings or a luxurious diamond bracelet will complete the dress perfectly. 

We know how important it is to select the best piece of jewellery on one of the most important days of your life. If you need assistance in selecting the best bridal diamond jewellery that suits your wedding dress, we are more than happy to assist. Here at Infiniti Jewels, we offer the best guidance from professional private jewellers and experienced Singapore jewellery designers. Whether you are after the best diamond jewellery in Singapore or custom made jewellery, allow us to assist you through your journey. Contact us now for more information. 

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